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Farzaneh Doosti
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• Persian/Iranian Writers|Artists|Thinkers

Moniru Ravanipur: Iranian writer; official website
Hossein Panahi: Official website yet in Persian only
Shahrnush Parsipur: It's her bilingual blog
Morteza Zahedi: illustrator
Bavand Behpoor:
Khaled Hosseini: Afghan novelist
Maryam Raeesdana:
Shole Wolpe:
Reza Ghassemi: Contemporary musician and novelist

• World writers|Artists|Thinkers

Neil Gaiman: American writer
Shaun Tan: writer and illustrator
Mieke Bal: cultural theorist and critic
Julia Kristeva: theorist and critic
Jacques Lacan: psychoanalyst and theorist
Ji Lee: Korean-American artist
Victor Hugo: 19th-century French writer
Isabel Allende: writer
Alex Broun: Australian dramatist
Playwrights West: seven professional Portland playwrights united
Andrew Porter: American short story writer
Aldo Tambellini: Experimental artist and writer
Pat Perry: artist
Intralingo: translator Lisa Carter's page
Aphrodite Désirée Navab: Greek-Iranian artist
Ron Silliman: American poet and critic

• Language||Books

Iran Book News Agency: latest book news
The Complete Review: opinionated commentary on literary matters
Amazon Best Sellers: Top 100 books on AMAZON
Grammarist: All about English Grammar

• Literary Magazines|Journals

The Paris Review: literary magazine since 1953
The New Yorker: American online magazine
JSTOR: comprehenvie archive of human sciences research materials
Tehran Review: News, views and analyses - bilingual journal
Arabic Literature : In English
EWR: Every Writer's Resource
Words Without Borders: Online magazine for translated literature
Red Room: Where the writers are!
Asymptote: Journal of literature in translation
Parsagon : The Persian Literature Review

• Academics

Academia: network to meets other academics
Coursera: place for academic studies for free

• Databases|Encyclopedias

No Subject: an encylopedia of Lacanian psychoanalysis
Encyclopaedia Iranica: a comprehensive research tool dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization
The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism: over 300 alphabetically arranged entries
ipl2 Literary Criticism: contains critical and biographical websites about authors and their works
Corbis: Image database
AP Images: Image database
Web Gallery of Art: world paintings
IEP: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

• Literary Foundations|Agencies