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Nazi and Me

Nazi and Me







I. My Acquaintance With Nazi


I was thinking that Sin

Is to repeat experimenting

And Satan peeped into a rotten shell and yelled:

God has entrusted man the whole world to handle.


I was at the seaside

When the seagull called:

No word would mirror my white presence!


Listening to the fall of an old oak tree

In the dense forest behind me,

I heard the wind holler:

Read the mystery of eternity on its ankle!

And the seedling was saying:

Night 'n' day would suffice my life!


Winter passed after winter

Until a white dawn a flame

Put her hand on my cold shoulder

In a woman's shape.


II. Nazi and Me Conversing Under an Umbrella


Nazi:               Get under my umbrella or you'll be soaked in rain.

                        I say, how nice it is that mankind has discovered fire!

And how nicer that they've learnt how to fry tomatoes in a pan

before they eat it!

                        What would have men done, indeed, if they'd ever run out of tomatoes?


Me:                  Nothing, Nazi. Then the scientists would develop a new thesis on how to eat the pans!

                        And as the dog shut his eyes,

                        As the cat's hair stiffened,

                        As the calf grazed all eglantines or dog roses,

                        They'd say: as a matter of fact,

Science proves that iron has got plenty of vitamins and proteins

                        Then the Court would send a letter to Great Popo

Only to inspire him –

In the midst of the pope's quarrel with his wife –

A midnight revelation from on high,

And the morning after in the cathedral – that smells of oak –

After the consumption of chime

The message would spread amongst all flora and fauna:

“Do partake of metals – ”

Sewing needles,

Valve rods,

Chains, locks, keys,

Surgical scissors,

Tank or gun barrels,

Windows, doors, fences,

Empty cartridges,

Magnetic compass,


Rings and lighters,

Horseshoes and braziers,

Jingle bells,


And when they run out of iron

Man species get undressed

And jubilantly jump over fire!


III. Nazi and Me and Much Ado about Nothing



Me:                  Guess what I've found for you.

Nazi:                Fossil of a damselfly?

Me:                  Older!

Nazi:                Phosphorous fossil of a sunflower?

Me:                  Man species used to call it car ball-bearings!

Nazi:                How beautiful! Curvy – like the earth!

Me:                  I've woven the chain with the last cluster of wheat stalk.

Wear it around your neck.

Nazi:                Where did you find it?

Me:                  Beneath a tall mountain that is a desert now

            and used to be a sea once.

Nazi:                Look now! It suits me?

Me:                  Yes, truly – as Venus suits the Zodiac!

Three Poems by Hossein Panahi

From Nazi & I (1993), 3rd vol. of The Dog's Left Eye

Translated from Persian by Farzaneh Doost

Published in Threshold Quarterly

Keywords: Hossein Panahi


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Maryam | Email
I wana ask u if other poems of Hosein Panahi are translated except these u did?
Please kindly let me know.
Maryam H.
Reply: Yes, a number of poems have been translated, some more being undertaken, and will be released in a book in the future
Maryam | Email
Excellent, I enjoyed alot!!!